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Recap of Peanuds’ Blockchance 2023

Last week, the fourth edition of Blockchance, one of the most anticipated blockchain conferences, took place in Hamburg, Germany. The three-day event began with a VIP welcome dinner on June 27th, setting the stage for a knowledge-filled experience from June 28th to June 30th. The conference showcased over 150 exhibitors, featured more than 370 speakers, and attracted over 5000 attendees from the financial services and digital asset industries.


Peanuds - Main Sponsor of Blockchance 2023

Peanuds was honored to be the main sponsor of Blockchance 2023 alongside PWC. Our team was fully in attendance of all our three co-founders: Luciano Nonnis, Ulrik Lykke, and Florian Reike.

This is the first event Peanuds has made its public appearance. And what better way to do it other than being the main sponsor. And although we are yet to officially launch, we have left the event full with appreciation of the many good experiences and great relationships we managed to gather over the course of the conference.

We had the opportunity to give presentations, significantly expand our connections, and connect with great entrepreneurs and investors in the German crypto scene.


Photo of the Peanuds team at Blockchance 2023

Presentations by Peanuds’ Team

Of course, we would not be able to call it a proper conference attendance without contributing with our own presentations on what we see moving in the industry as a whole.

Luciano Nonnis, our CEO, turned it up on the main stage and gave a presentation called "Flash Boys" in Crypto: The Dawn of a New Trading Epoch?” going into the depths of how the trading markets of crypto have evolved and providing a rich comparison to the traditional markets.

Ulrik Lykke, Co-founder of Peanuds, and a long time investor and market speculant took the liberty of providing some much needed optimism by walking over the market situation in his presentation "Deciphering the crypto markets: Insights and Opportunities."

Florian Reike, Co-founder of Peanuds, took a seat in a panel debate with several other founders providing flavour to the hardships of being an entrepreneur in the discussion labeled "Founder Lessons & Advice."



Private Event in the Late Evening Hours

As icing on the cake, we held a successful private event at one of Hamburg’s most iconinc venues Grüner Jäger. The event was frequented by more than 250 happy participants who could enjoy an evening of food, drinks and networking in the “Hamburg spirit”. 


Peanuds Launch Around the Corner - Keep an eye out for it


Peanuds is yet to launch officially but we could not think of a better way to have preliminary feedback on our offering that getting to discuss it with hundreds and hundreds of people who visited our stand at Blockchance. 


The Wait for Peanuds is Coming to and End 

We are working hard to finalising our offering and big updates will come within a month’s time. For now, we appreciate all the support and invite you to keep tabs of our doings by following our blogs where we update weekly educational content touching fintech, financial services, and the digital asset industry.